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We do not adopt outside of Canada. However, if you are calling from the USA, adopting a Dalmatian should not be a problem, as there are numerous Dalmatian Rescues across the USA, all which regularly have Dalmatians for adoption. For your convenience some websites are listed below. However this is not an exhaustive list.

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1. Distance Adoptions (ie: outside of Ontario)

We will not ship dogs except under highly unusual circumstances. We fully expect distance adopters to come and personally pick up their adopted Dalmatian. To date we have adopted as far west as Manitoba and as far east as Nova Scotia ... and yes, they did drive to Ontario to meet with and pick up their newly adopted Dalmatian. Distance adoptions must still meet all of our basic adoption requirements. However, if you feel that you cannot make the drive, we also generally have a list of dogs available in other provinces, which would not require transport. [Ontario is not the only province with homeless dals]. If you would like to discuss these issues, then please feel free to contact us.

2. Local Adoptions (ie: inside of Ontario)

We fully expect adopters to visit their prospective Dalmatian and pick up their adopted Dalmatian once they are approved for adoption. Transport can occassionally be worked out, if one of our volunteers is in the area.

3. General Adoption Information

If you would like to adopt a Dalmatian, please review our site before calling us. All of the basic information you need to know about Dalmatians is contained in this site. In particular please see the following pages:

If you want a Dalmatian there are some basic points you need to know

  • This is a high shedding breed. You must be comfortable with dog hair and there cannot be any allergies in the home.
  • This is an extremely active breed. You must be prepared to exercise your Dalmatian for hours EACH DAY; rain, snow, sleet or shine.
  • This is an expensive breed to keep. You must be prepared to pay for high quality (ie: expensive) dog food, and veterinary bills if your Dalmatian gets, stones, crystals, allergies, ear infections etc

If you have read the above links and are prepared to accept the points above, then have a look at the dogs who need homes and then give us a call regarding adoption. If any of these points bother you then you will need to consider a different breed, because you cannot change a Dalmatian. We would be happy to discuss any of these points with you in greater detail if you need more information.

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4. The Adoption Process

  • Begins with a telephone interview
  • Prospective family visits potential dogs
  • A home visit is held at the prospective family's residence with all persons living in the home present
  • Prospective family presents a written letter of reference from a veterinarian (if this is not possible it must be discussed)
  • If family is approved then an adoption day is selected
  • On the adoption day, an adoption contract is signed, the adoption fee is paid, and the family begins life with their new family member
  • A post adoption contact person is provided to the new family
  • A post adoption home visit occurs approximately 4 months after adoption
  • New adoptees are invited to join our membership and partake in our DAR events

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