A Clean House is Possible Even with Pets

A Clean House Is Possible Even With Pets!

It hasn't even rained yet and the big dog is tracking in mud. As water dogs are wont to do, he makes the most of every available puddle, every leaking sprinkler head, every full dish of water. To water, add dirt, which never seems to be in short supply. Add dog and suddenly there are muddy paw prints across the floor, big ones and little ones both.

As if that's not enough, the clump-by-clump shedding of the little dog, Andy, with his long, thick coat, is surpassed only by the prodigious hair-by-hair shedding of the big dog, Ben. Ignore it for a day or so and soon it seems every corner of the house has a fur bunny in it.

Domesticity has never been my strong suit, but I cope as best I can. There are others better-suited to the fight, though, people who make clean look easy. People like cleaning expert Don Aslett, whose useful books offer many tips for animal-lovers.

A few of his suggestions for those who like a clean house and pets, too:

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