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Just a reminder, that this is a volunteer organization. Volunteers spend their spare time and money to help Dalmatians. Your patience is appreciated.

If you will be calling about surrendering your Dalmatian, take the time to read Your Dalmatian needs a home? This will help you and the rescue along in the rehoming process. It will also give you an understanding of the amount of work involved in rehoming a dog. Rescue volunteers are just that - volunteers - help them, help you, by doing your part. PLEASE NOTE: Surrender inquiries will ONLY be taken by phone.


Due to the extreme volume of mail received, emails will be responded to within 5-7 business days.

pawPhone Uspaw

All long distance calls will be returned collect!

Be sure to clearly state your name, reason for calling and leave a number where you can be reached with collect charges. Calls will be returned within a few days.




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