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We do not accept dalmatians from outside of Canada. However, if you are calling from the USA, contacting a Dalmatian Rescue should not be a problem, as there are numerous Dalmatian Rescues across the USA. For your convenience some websites are listed below. However this is not an exhaustive list. Furthermore, you may also consider contacting an "all breed" rescue. Please see our links page for a listing of more rescues.

CAUTION: Please be aware that rescues are not regulated in anyway. Research the rescue you intend to use and make sure it is not a puppymill, breeding kennel or laboratory supplier. Make sure you are confident that your dog will be treated well and the best possible home found. Be sure that the "rescue" is simply not a business taking in your dog for a fee and turning him or her over to the first home that comes with their chequebook. For further assurances you may want to contact your local Humane Society to see if they have information on rescues in your area.

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1. Distance Surrenders (ie: outside of Ontario)

We cannot accept dogs into our rescue which are any great distance from Southern Ontario. Before accepting a dog into our rescue, it must first be assessed. As we are a volunteer organization, it is impossible to send people on major trips to assess dogs. Our rescue does not have a shelter and thus, all dogs are fostered in private homes. We absolutely cannot take a dog unassessed and place it in a private home. However, we happily list shelter Dalmatians on our website if requested and the proper information is supplied. Our website is a high traffic site and this method has proved successful for shelters across the country. If you would like to discuss your distance surrender, then please feel free to contact us.

2. Local Surrenders (ie: inside of Ontario)

Our rescue is in high demand. The number of dogs we take in is directly constrained by the number of foster homes we have available and the issues presented by the potential incoming dog. Due to the infinite variables surrounding a surrender situation, we must discuss surrendering by phone. Because we are a volunteer organization, day and evening numbers should be left. Please note: all calls are returned collect.

If you would like to surrender a Dalmatian, please review our site before calling us. All of the basic information you need to know about surrendering a Dalmatian is contained in this site. In particular please see the following pages:

If you want to surrender a Dalmatian there are some basic points you need to know

  • We are volunteers who have our own families, dogs, jobs and lives. We volunteer here because we love the breed and want to help. Please remember this.
  • This is a highly surrendered breed. Many people call us and think that because it is a Dalmatian, there should be no problem finding their dog a home. Sadly this is not true. Dalmatians are surrendered regularly. You must be prepared to help find your dog a home. We will work with you to help your dog.
  • Many people look for unaltered (not spayed or neutered) Dalmatians to use in breeding programs. This is no life for a dog. Furthermore, there is already a Dalmatian overpopulation problem and this will simply add to an already overburdened system. Get your Dalmatian fixed before attempting to re home your dog.
  • Many issues that are causing people to surrender their Dalmatian are due to improper care and/or training. With a little help, many people are able to work through the issues and keep their Dalmatian. We can help with these problems. Its always best if you call at the beginning of a problem, rather than waiting until it is overwhelming.

If you have read the above links and need help or would like to discuss surrendering your Dalmatian, then give us a call.

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3. The Surrender Process

  • Begins with a telephone interview
  • Owner will be counselled on the particular dog's adoption prospects
  • A re-homing plan will be developed
  • Dalmatian is assessed by one of our volunteers
  • Potential foster homes will be located
  • A surrender day is chosen: dog is signed over the rescue, along with all belongings, food and surrender fee

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Shelters and rescues: please contact us to discuss the Dalmatians in your program. We happily list shelter Dalmatians on our website if requested and the proper information is supplied. Our website is a high traffic site and this method has proved successful for shelters across the country.

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